Rock Rail Germany

A new source of funding for the rail network

Rock Rail has developed new and unique funding solutions for rolling stock and other rail infrastructure tailored for the German railway market. Rock’s innovative model offers a 4th Railway Package compliant, off-balance sheet solution delivering highly competitive financing as well as supporting greener, more sustainable rail travel.


Flexible, off-balance sheet, value for money solution

Building on its existing relationships with German based pension funds and insurance companies, Rock offers fixed, long-term lease pricing based on direct low-cost funding from the institutional sector. It assumes residual value, releasing and ownership risk without the need for guarantees and removing the need for public funding.

Rock also provides specialist asset management services across design, construction, delivery and ongoing operation. It works collaboratively with transport authorities, operators, manufacturers and maintainers, delivering high performance at lower costs and ensuring that its fleets meet the needs of passengers and rail industry partners over the long term.

Supporting greener rail travel

In Germany, Rock is a supporting member of Allianz pro Schiene and it is exploring opportunities for alternative greener rail solutions, including battery and hydrogen technologies, in partnership with the Technical University of Dresden and the University of Birmingham, Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education.