Rock Rail Australia

Meeting the challenges of urbanisation

Working with global manufacturers and local rail industry partners, Rock Rail has developed innovative financing and procurement solutions that meet the challenges and opportunities created by increasing urbanisation in Australia, including the need for new city transport infrastructure and high capacity commuter rail travel.


Flexible, off-balance sheet, value for money solution

Rock’s approach delivers highly competitive financing with off-balance sheet benefits for new rolling stock and other rail infrastructure. It offers fixed, long-term lease pricing based on low cost funding directly sourced from major international and local pension fund and insurance company partners.

Rock assumes residual value, releasing and ownership risk across the life of the assets, providing a truly flexible, efficient and value for money solution for operators and transport authorities. It removes reliance on public funding and offers a genuine alternative to the direct government purchase and Public Private Procurement models currently used.

Meeting passenger and rail industry needs over the long term

As a lessor and specialist asset manager, Rock Rail knows that rolling stock must respond to future changes in technology, regulations and operating environment if its value to passengers is to be optimised over the longer term. It works collaboratively with procurement authorities, train manufacturers and fleet operators to ensure fleet specifications match the needs of their intended network, to manage on-time delivery and to ensure its fleets remain attractive throughout their operational life.