Responsible Investment

Our Mission

To transform the provision of rail services for the benefit of passengers, national economies, local communities and institutional investors

Rock is committed to delivering sound, responsible investments with a focus on sustainable benefits for the environment, local communities and wider society. Our investment decisions are underpinned by consideration of environmental, social and governance factors, strongly aligning with our institutional investors who have a core responsibility for ESG based investment.

As part of our support for greener and more sustainable rail travel, we are working in partnership with the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education at the University of Birmingham, alongside their partners at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany, to explore opportunities for greener rail solutions.

Our modern rail and bus fleets are already contributing to a more sustainable public transport. They are exclusively made up of electric and bi-mode trains and zero emission buses and are set to replace many hundreds of diesel vehicles, helping to reduce harmful CO2 emissions as well as delivering significant energy efficiencies over the many old and life-expired trains and buses they replace.

Rock works in collaboration with our rail and bus partners, particularly manufacturing companies, to ensure that ‘safety by design’ approaches are applied to the delivery of all our assets. Rock has built a portfolio of state-of-the-art rolling stock and zero emission buses that makes use of the latest advancements in digital technology and interconnectivity; therefore, we have made the assurance of digital assets one of our core specialisms.

Rock are leading the way in ‘cyber security by design’ by engaging in research and assurance activity to ensure that cyber security threats and vulnerabilities are understood and minimised through all stages of an asset’s life.

We take our role in supporting the local communities that interface with our trains very seriously and as a result, encourage the use of locally sourced supply chains throughout the manufacture process.

Please follow the below link to find out more about Rock’s mission, our GRESB recognition and our ESG objectives for 2024:

Environment Sustainability and Governance

CO2 reduction
Rock Rail West Coast

Our 135-vehicle EMU and BMU fleet will replace around 100 diesel-powered units. They are set to reduce CO2 emissions across the franchise by over 60% and provide substantial reductions in particulate matter and NOx emissions.

replacing over
diesel vehicles
Rock Rail Fleets

Exclusively made up of EMU and BMU vehicles, our fleets are able to take advantage of current network electrification and future upgrades and are set to replace over 400 highly pollutant diesel vehicles.

diesel buses
Rock Road Fleets

Our zero emission bus fleets are accelerating the UK’s transition to a zero emission bus network. By replacing incumbent diesel buses, they will significantly reduce CO2 emissions and improve the air quality in London.