Rock Rail becomes supporting member of German transport alliance, Allianz pro Schiene

Rock Rail

In line with ambitions in the German market, Rock Rail announces its supporting membership of Allianz pro Schiene 

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Rock Rail is pleased to become a supporting member of Allianz pro Schiene, the German industry body leading the way in the promotion of safe and environmentally friendly rail transport. Rock Rail’s Commercial Director, Nick Watson, will be joining their next meeting to outline Rock’s approach to rolling stock procurement and show how this supports the alliance’s agenda for the German rail industry.

Allianz pro Schiene unites its 24 non-profit organisation members (including environmental groups, passenger organisations and trade unions), with over 150 supporting member companies from every part of the rail industry. It provides a platform for them to communicate with top politicians and industry decision-makers and representatives in Germany and enables them to actively participate in working groups on key industry issues and opportunities, such as alternative greener traction technologies.

Together with its members, Alllianz pro Schiene works to promote the railways in the political and public spheres, to secure and increase funding, and to create a fair, competitive environment for the railways to compete with other modes of transport.

Rock Rail’s transformative approach to the procurement of trains has generated a new large-scale source of rolling stock funding elsewhere in Europe, enabling direct investment by the institutional sector (pension funds and insurance companies) in greener rail transport. It is building on its existing relationships with German based pension funds and insurance organisations to similarly deliver new institutional investment for the German rail market, reducing the need for recourse to public sector funding.

Rock is already working with local Public Transport Authorities, operators and manufacturers in Germany on a number of rolling stock financing opportunities and recognition of its role as an active entrepreneurial force in rail transport, through its supporting membership of Allianz pro Schiene, is warmly welcomed. Rock Rail is proud to share Allianz pro Schiene’s vision of promoting and improving rail transport in Germany, prioritising the railway’s superior environmental and safety records, and maintaining the railways’ economic and social advantages.

Dirk Flege, Executive Director of Allianz pro Schiene, said: “Through becoming a supporting member of Allianz pro Schiene, Rock Rail will be allowed access to all important decisions in the German rail market. And in return, Rock Rail’s supporting membership gives us valuable stimulus from Great Britain, which will help us to improve the railway system in Germany.”

Nick Watson, Commercial Director at Rock Rail, said: “Rock is delighted to be a Supporting Member of Allianz pro Schiene and recognises the pivotal role that it plays in promoting the importance of rail in addressing current environmental challenges. Rock is looking forward to working with Allianz pro Schiene in encouraging and increasing the modal shift to rail.”

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