Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Passenger and rail worker safety foremost as rail industry implements new operating practices

The events of this year have created extremely challenging times for everyone. The vital role of public transport has never been so highly illustrated as restrictions on its use have been put in place to ensure key workers are still able to get to work safely and to manage the spread of Coronavirus.

We have all had to adjust to the current challenges and homeworking has become the norm for many businesses during this period in order to free up capacity on our trains for NHS and other key workers.

Current government advice is to avoid using public transport wherever possible and that it should only be used for essential journeys (for key workers and those who are not able to work from home and have no other way of getting to work).

Rail passenger and rail worker safety remains foremost for us all and the current social distancing needs are placing significant capacity constraints on public transport.

The whole industry is working hard and putting new operating practices in place to maintain the highest possible levels of hygiene on the railway, to help passengers maintain social distancing and to plan and execute essential journeys in the safest manner. These measures include:

  • More frequent and thorough cleaning regimes at stations and on trains, including additional deep cleaning of public conveniences and sanitisation of common touch-point areas, such as doors and handrails.
  • Improved online passenger information systems to highlight busy stations and services and encourage journeys to be planned to avoid these and peak periods.
  • Increased station and on-train PA communications reminding passengers of social distancing measures.
  • Deploying additional staff at busier stations and using signs, posters, floor markings and tape at stations to support social distancing.
  • Monitoring of passenger numbers and addition of extra carriages or increasing service frequency where possible.

During this time, Rock Rail is working closely with our rail partners to minimise any disruption to the delivery of our fleets so that the extra capacity they bring will enable more people to use rail for essential travel and help support a faster return of economic activity.

More information on latest travel advice can be found here:

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